Conveniently located in Danvers, MA, GMC Danvers is an authorized GMC and Chevrolet Lease Return Center serving the greater Boston community. Regardless of whether you leased your vehicle at our dealership or another one, you can return your GMC or Chevrolet to us.


You Have Options at GMC Danvers

We’re here to help you review all your options so you can make the best lease-end decision for you.

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Turn-In Your Lease

If you’re not ready for a new vehicle, you can return it to GMC Danvers. Again, we are an authorized GMC and Chevrolet lease return center where lease returns are always simple, easy, and convenient.

Turn-In Your Lease
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Purchase Your Lease

Love your ride so much you don’t want to say goodbye? Purchase your vehicle at any point during your lease.

Let us assist you in securing exceptional financing terms so you can continue driving your GMC or Chevrolet for many good years and miles to come.

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Lease Another Vehicle

Take advantage of our current great lease specials and upgrade to a new GMC along with all the technology and safety features it offers.

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Trade-In Your Lease

You may be very pleasantly surprised that trading-in vs. turning in helps you get a lower monthly payment on your next GMC lease or purchase.


As you roll into the last few months of your lease, explore your options and choose the path that’s right for you with these helpful manufacturer guides.


The GMC dealership where you leased your vehicle is best qualified to help you with the return process. If you have moved a significant distance, you can return the vehicle at any participating GM dealership. You can contact GM Financial if you need assistance locating a participating dealership.

If your lease agreement includes a security deposit, it will be returned to you, less any remaining amounts owed under your lease agreement, within 60 days of turning in your leased vehicle.

You’ll receive an invoice that may include amounts still due on the lease account, excess wear, excess mileage charges, disposition fee,1 and other applicable taxes and charges. See your lease agreement for details, so you know what to expect. If taxes, citations, tolls or other charges are received after your lease-end invoice has been sent, an additional invoice will be issued. 1As stated in your lease contract, you may be charged a disposition fee of up to $495, which prepares your vehicle for resale. This may be waived if you buy or lease another new GM vehicle or exercise the purchase option of your lease agreement. Talk to your dealer about your options.

YTo obtain a purchase option price, contact GM Financial using the channels listed below. Please have your account number, Social Security number or vehicle identification number (VIN) available to help us quickly locate your account. You can also contact the GMC dealership where you leased your vehicle for assistance. HOW DO I CONTACT GM FINANCIAL? Message us anytime in MyAccount or the GM Financial Mobile app. You can also text2 LEASEEND to 53721. During support hours, call 1-800-284-2271.

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